Competition Work

A huge part of the floral year for me and it wouldn't be the same without them.  In fact it's really where it all began  thanks to my college tutor who when teaching us one particular day asked the question "would anyone be interested in taking part in a local competition" After a few sideways glances throughout the room two brave soles put their hands up, myself being one of them and boy am I glad I did.  It changed my life forever.

Each competition brings with it challenges and adventure.  A spark of inspiration can lead anywhere and you never quite sure how your design will evolve, that's the best bit really...I love seeing how it all comes alive, from thoughts and ideas to the finished design incorporating elements of colour, texture and form all brought together with technique and an eye for detail.  

I have learnt such a lot from entering competitions, formed friendships and had some of my best ever days, I warn you it's addictive...well we all have our vices and if flower addiction is mine then I proudly stand up and say

 "Hi, I'm Jo and I'm a flower-holic"!